Introducing Speak iT

Inspire social learning by giving every student a voice.

How Speak iT Works

Speak iT is designed to let students actively share their thinking with their teacher and classmates. Let students’ voice be heard at their own pace!

Students can record and playback their own voice as many times as they need to.

Speak iT can be used so many ways in your classroom:
*Teachers can provide text for students to narrate.
*Teachers can provide a voice recording as well.
*Teachers can upload a pic to inspire student reactions.

App Features

Student Voice

Speak iT is designed for students to record their voice to explain their thinking. Teachers can provide text, instructions or a question.

Teacher Recording

Teachers can add their own recording for students to listen to. It could be instructions to further explain a concept or even the beginning of a conversation for students to engage in.

Class Gallery

Collect all the student responses ready for playback when you are.

Downloadable Results

Each student response will be recorded and saved to a CSV file for your review at any time.

What others are saying

Traditional classroom rules posted in each room have always included something like: “Only one person talks at a time.” And of course, this is great when the goal is to teach respect. However, when a teacher needs to assess what his or her students know, asking students to take turns to share their answers won’t always yield enough data a teacher is looking for

Since Thinktech launched Speak iT, my ability to reach my ENL students has been forever changed. Thinktech has essentially differentiated my classroom for me!
Middle School Teacher New York State
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