Introducing Sketch iT

Authentically assess students by creating a gallery of illustrated responses.

How Sketch iT Works

Sketch iT is the easiest way to collect open responses, illustrations, or drawings from students during a class period. Educators can choose between a blank canvas or to upload an image to “draw-on.” Instructors can launch a question for their entire class to draw responses on their own devices simultaneously or asynchronously as an assignment.

Sketch iT can be used in any class at any level to show work in mathematics, annotating political cartoons, foundational handwriting. The possibilities are endless!

Sketch iT is designed to be both a stand-alone activity or to be used to enhance learning tasks with other THiNKtech tools threaded together using Build iT.

App Features

Blank Canvas

With a blank canvas, students can respond how they want. This is great tool for any class. Students can quickly share with their classmates the steps to a mathematics solution or sketch their own cartoon.

Draw-On Feature

Upload your own image for students to draw-on. Students can annotate any map, political cartoon, or image you provide.

Whole Class Galleries

Foster a growth mindset by having students can reflect individually and solicit peer feedback.

Download Student Submissions

Teachers can easily share student work by downloading a submission individually. Further engage students by adding their submissions as an upload image in another Thinktech task.

What others are saying

Having students show their work using Sketch iT in my math class allows my students to collaboratively problem solve while engaging in "Math Talk." As the teacher I can track my students understanding to determine where they need additional assistance so that I can tailor my lessons accordingly.

Using Sketch iT has redefined my instruction. Creating galleries of student work fosters the reflection and feedback that teaches my students to be true learners.
Elementary Teacher New York State
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