Introducing Poll iT

Analyze class-wide results by gathering real-time data.

How Poll iT Works

Polling questions are the easiest way to invite students to respond during a class discussion. By presenting a Poll iT question, it levels the playing field for all students. First, all students can participate at their own pace. Second, students need not worry about being judged by fellow classmates since the teacher can easily “hide” student names. Last, students enjoy seeing the live results as submissions are received!

More than just selecting the correct response, Poll iT is also designed for students to practice sequencing with Rank Order questions and to place values on abstract concepts through Rating questions.

App Features

Multiple Choice Questions

Use multiple choice to assess for accuracy.

Rating Scale Questions

Linear numeric and Likert scale questions provide a number to concepts such as agree or strongly disagree.

Rank Order Questions

Students can personally rank items or place in proper order. Whether hierarchical or chronological; the teacher can toggle the “Has Correct Order” button to practice sequencing.

True-False Survey Questions

Engage students and foster class discussion around whole class results.

What our teachers are THiNKing!

Game changer! I’ve never been able to drive class discussion like this before. Student response is helping to drive authentic conversation and help me shape my lesson plans for the following days.
Scott Aquilino, AP World History Sweet Home High School; Amherst, NY
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