Introducing Check iT

Assess student understanding by collecting written responses.

How Check iT Works

Check iT is the easiest way to collect open text responses from students during a class period.  Educators can select a pre-made question or create their own and even accompany the question with an image.  Instructors can launch a question for their entire class to text or draw responses on their own devices simultaneously or asynchronously as an assignment.

Check iT is designed to be both a stand alone activity or to be used to enhance learning tasks with other THiNKtech tools threaded together with Build iT.

App Features

Create Your Own Questions

Design questions specific to your unit of study.

Get Inspired

THiNKtech’s critical thinking questions around the “5W’s” promote various ways to learn and discuss topics. All of our questions can be edited to suit your needs.

Reflective Opportunities

Change the audience size by creating a gallery-walk of “donated” student work in your classroom. Students can reflect and discuss classmates’ responses when the teacher projects the answers to the class.

Digital Ticket Out The Door

Bring closure to any class by collecting student work digitally.

Downloadable Results

Progress monitor your students’ by reviewing downloadable data anytime.

What others are saying

I have been wanting to assess students during various points of a lesson. Often, it's very challenging to be efficient with students taking out a piece of paper, jotting down a response, and then passing it in to me. Paper and pencil methods of checking for understanding are never done in "real time." Check iT allows me to assess what my students have learned right away. It is the best method I've used to close a lesson.

Check iT has helped authentically assess how much a student understands a topic. This is the best ‘exit ticket’ method I’ve used to close a lesson.
High School Social Studies Teacher New York State
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