The Digital Classroom

Published on March 6, 2018 by helm

All across the world, school districts have begun their digital conversion. However, does anyone really know what a digital classroom is or what it looks like, much less how it is different from a non-digital classroom?  As more states adopt 21st Century Learning Skills and Common Core Learning Standards, THiNKtech believes that many districts are doing little more than purchasing fancy devices and instead of making PowerPoint presentations in a computer lab, students are making movies on an iPad or Chromebook. THiNKtech believes that the “digital classroom” is a philosophical mindset shift in pedagogy where classrooms will be student centered with technology assisting the teacher to be responsive as he or she gathers evidence of learning from their students in ways previously unimaginable.


THiNKtech’s training does not solely focus on the device a district chooses to deploy to their students and teachers, but rather focuses on instructional methods so all students can be engaged in a lesson and where they all contribute to the learning.


PONDRR Mindest

The bedrock of THiNKtech’s Digital Classroom program is presenting our approach to a student centered classroom using our PONDRR framework.  PONDRR is a simple acronym for educators to elevate students to mastery levels of learning. When students are able to produce work that they can take ownership through note-making, rather than note-taking, new learning is more likely to be retained.  Digital spaces provide easy access for students to donate their work to their classmates.  Once ‘published,’ students can reflect on their learning and when given opportunities to revise their work, they can strive toward mastery learning.


THiNKtech is ready to provide professional development to guide your staff through the digital conversion.  First, presenting our mindset PONDRR shift participants will be able to take full advantage of the engaging tools available on digital devices.  Next, teachers will be introduced to a variety of formative assessment tools, including THiNKtech’s Sort iT, Check iT and Think iT to learn how to become a responsive instructor.


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